Start Capacitor 7uf

Start Capacitor , 7 µF For Stuart Turner Water Pumps

7uf start capacitor

Pump Starting Capacitor 7 uf   PN 17670  Fully Compatible with the ICAR Ecofill Start Capacitor used on Stuart Turner Pumps.

Heavy Duty 7uf Start Capacitor For Water Booster Pumps

This capacitor is compatible with the following Stuart Turner Pumps


All Stuart Turner Monsoon  1.5 Bar  Negative & Positive Head Pumps
All Stuart Turner Monsoon  2.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head Pump

All Stuart Turner Universal  1.5 Bar  Negative & Positive Head Pumps
All Stuart Turner Universal  2.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head Pumps

M330N Negitave Head Pump
ST55 Positive Head Pump
ST66 Positive Head Pump


– Grohe Aktive 75 Shower Pump,
– Mira Enduro, Rada Thermotap-3s, Stuart Turner Boostamatic 194,
– Stuart Turner Boostamatic Es330 Es500,
– Stuart Turner Cfl 194 Automatic Flow Switch,
– Stuart Turner Monsoon   1.5 & 2.0 Bar Twin Pumps,
– Stuart Turner Monsoon Extra   N1.2 Bar Single Pump,
– Stuart Turner Monsoon  N1.5 N2.0 Bar Single,
– Stuart Turner Monsoon   N1.5 Bar Twin Pumps,
– Stuart Turner No 903 253,
– Stuart Turner Pond 17 21 29 35 Isis 17 21 29 35,
– Stuart Turner Special Jetforce 75 (mk6) Jetforce 55 (mk6) Trevi 45 Twin Aktive 75 St55,
– Stuart Turner Special Newteam Mk3, Stuart Turner Special Sb52, Stuart Turner Special St55 Single.

– Stuart Turner Showermate 1.4 Bar Twin 1.2 Bar Single 1.8 Bar Twin Special Export,
– Stuart Turner ST55 /ST66/ST77


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