Monsoon PCB Board

Genuine Aqua Flow Products Universal PCB Board

PCB Board Fully Compatible With All Stuart Turner Pumps

Compatible With All Monsoon and Universal pumps 1.5 Bar,  2.0 bar, 3.0 bar, 4.0 bar Positive and Negative  Head Pumps.  Also Compatible With ST55 /ST66 Pumps


monsoon pcb


Always ensure the PCB board you purchase has a dry run protection chip on the PCB board. Stuart Turner Recommend Dry Run Protection On Water Pumps as this will ensure your water pump will shut off if the pump runs without water for 60 seconds. This is a safety mechanism and one of the most important monitoring functions as your pump bearings, shaft and mechanical seal may be damaged if your water pump runs continuously and may cause the pump to leak. So its recommended to fit PCB boards with dry run on all water pumps.

This PCB can detect a water shortage and is activated after 60 seconds and shuts the pump off saving the motor and pump parts from damage but most importantly it will stop the mechanical seals from heating up and leaking. To deactivate the dry run just simply turn your pump on and off from the electrical switch on the wall or un plug  the pump and plug back in again. Try to avoid purchasing low quality PCB boards currently on sale on well known bidding websites as they are not fully tested to the appropriate standards required. Always look for the genuine Aqua Flow Products PCB board with the chip on the board. All our PCB Boards are fully CE compliant and each board has our unique CE reference number AFP1965 stamped on the board. This assures safety and quality.




This Monsoon Pump PCB board is manufactured to the highest standards and is compatible on all Stuart Turner Monsoon and Universal Pumps.

This board is designed to be easily installed and compatible with ST55, ST66, M330N, M550N, Monsoon and Universal 1.5 Bar 2.0 Bar, 3.0 Bar, 4.0 Bar positive and negative head water pumps.

This PCB Board is CE Approved and RHOS Approved

Each board comes complete with fitting instructions.




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For use  with all  Stuart Turner pumps including the following


Stuart Turner Pump Models

Monsoon  1.5 Bar  Negative & Positive Head
Monsoon  2.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head
Monsoon  2.5 Bar  Negative & Positive Head
Monsoon  3.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head
Monsoon  4.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head
Universal  1.5 Bar  Negative & Positive Head
Universal  2.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head
Universal  2.5 Bar  Negative & Positive Head
Universal  3.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head
Universal  4.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head


M330N Negative Head
M550N Negative & Positive Head
ST55 Positive Head
ST66 Positive Head